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Woman Wakes Up to Bleeding Stranger in Home

The Story

Imagine waking up, heading to your kitchen to make coffee, and hearing your dog bark at whatever he heard outside the door. Sounds like an average morning, right? Until you realize your dog is barking at a strange man in your home! Well, that is exactly what happened to a woman on Valentine’s Day. She realized there was something wrong when her dog would not stop barking. She walked into her living room and a strange man was sleeping and bleeding on her couch!

What did she do after finding a man in her home?

After seeing this strange man sleeping and bleeding on her couch she decided to confront him verbally.

“I just stood right here at the edge of the couch and said, ‘What are you doing in my house?’” Kingen explained. “He sat up and said, ‘I have no idea, my apologies.”’ 

The man would not leave even after the woman told him multiple times that he needed to get out. She walked to the door with confidence and told him to get out. Finally, he left and she was able to take a deep breath. She learned later that he had been attempting to get into other homes in the neighborhood and had been sleeping in her home for four hours. After letting her dog out the night before, she forgot to lock her door giving him the opportunity to enter her home.

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What can we learn?

What do you think she could have or should have done differently finding a strange man in her home? My first thought is obvious, she should have locked her door! If I were in this situation I would have grabbed my gun or something to defend myself. This woman had the confidence to talk to him directly.  That kind of confidence can be very intimidating to a would-be attacker. However, if the man charged her or had some kind of weapon, what would she have done? After getting something to defend myself, I would have grabbed the nearest phone and dialed 911. Having confidence worked for her but being prepared would have been ideal.

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