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Woman Wakes Up to Armed Intruders

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Waking up in the very early hours to your dog barking is probably very common for all of us pet owners. Unfortunately for a resident of Jackson, Miss, this was not one of those common occurrences. A woman woke to her dogs barking and got up to check out what was going on, expecting nothing out of the ordinary. She was confronted by armed intruders pointing guns directly at her.

Woman Wakes Up to Armed Intruders in Her House

Shots were fired during a home invasion in Belhaven early Tuesday, Jackson police said.

“At about 5:15 this morning we saw (Jackson police officers) down there, and the door was open. We didn’t realize what had gone on,” said neighbor John Fike.

According to the Jackson Police Department, a 911 call came in around 4:30 a.m. from a home on Piedmont Street. When officers arrived, they learned that the intruders fired shots during the incident.

The resident said on the Nextdoor app that she woke up when she heard her dog barking, and when she got up, she saw two men coming for her inside the home. The woman wrote that one of the men pointed a gun in her face, but she was able to run into the bedroom and close the door. The gunman fired three shots, but the bullets didn’t go through the door, the resident said.

“I’m lucky I live in an old house with solid wood door frames because the bullet was lodged within the door; almost all the way through where it would have hit me,” she said on Nextdoor.”

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What Can We Learn To Survive an Armed Intrusion?

Let’s take a second to be thankful for family pets. Dogs are not only great for companionship, but they are also great for protection as well. Even if you have a dog that would not physically harm anyone, their alarm barking can potentially save your life. When the dog began barking, an armed homeowner should take heed and arm herself and have her cell phone. Read about creating a “safe room”.

When facing armed intruders this unarmed survivor ran back to her room and barricaded herself. Solid interior doors were a lifesaver in this instance. However, even if the door did not hold she would still have some options to try to protect herself. There are numerous objects in your home that can be used for self-defense or strategically placed for use if necessary. Thankfully she did not have to worry about fighting back as the gunmen fled. She found a safe place to go and avoided physical harm.

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