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Woman Tricked, Friend Coordinates Burglary

The Story

You’ve all heard the saying “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”, right? Well, in the case of this home invasion, a woman unknowingly literally did this. A woman left her home with a friend, leaving her three children behind, while her friend’s accomplices robbed her home.

Woman Tricked as Friend Coordinates Home Invasion

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. —Three people from Birmingham are in a Florida jail Saturday accused in a home invasion robbery. The Bay County Sheriff’s Office said the trio targeted a house on Moylan Road in Panama City Beach. Investigators say at around 10 a.m. Viridiana Magdalena Zambrano, 22, of Birmingham, arrived at her friend’s house and got the woman to leave the house with her. She convinced the woman to leave her children, a teenager and two juveniles under 12, alone in the home. About 15 minutes later, two men armed with rifles entered the home through a back door that Zambrano had secretly unlocked while pretending to use the bathroom.

The men made the children lie on the floor while they looked for valuables. The teenager was able to discreetly call her mother and tell her what was happening. Her mother called 911 and headed back home. Deputies arrived at about the same time and surprised the two armed men who ran out the back door. One of them was caught nearby. The other man got away, but was caught a short time later.”

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What Can We Learn?

Be careful who your friends are. I know that most of us want to believe people are fundamentally good, and that usually is the case. However, there are many out there that will pretend to be your friend and take advatage when you let your guard down. What else can we learn? Be careful with your children. Maybe the teen in this article is old enough to babysit, maybe they had many times without concern. However, we don’t know the age of the children and therefore cannot make a judgment. I do know that I would feel strange if a friend of mine attempted to convince me to leave my home and leave my children home alone. If something feels a little fishy, assume that it is. Stay safe out there ladies!

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