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Woman Threatened; “This is the Day You Die”

The Story

You’ve heard similar stories. A person is walking home late at night, the same path they’ve walked a hundred times. Only this time is different. Someone is on the same path and wants to do the person harm. A woman was threatened and then assaulted after walking home in the very early morning hours. She survived but the story is harrowing.

Woman Attacked and Threatened on Her Way Home

It was one o’clock in the morning as a woman walked home. She was walking near an alleyway when a man came out of the shadows and said “this is the day you die.” He threatened her with death and then started punching her. She became incapacitated from the assault. The attacker started to remove his clothing. He tried to force himself on her. As she struggled to get away from the man threatening her life he hit her with a chair. Thankfully she was able to get away from him and sought immediate medical attention.

Original report from WALB News

What Can We Learn?

Never assume you are safe walking home in the middle of the night. Yes, you may have walked the same way home a hundred times, but that does not mean you are safe. If it’s late at night and you are alone there is always a chance that a threat is around the corner. Have your gun or other self-defense tools on you or, if possible, have someone with you for protection. Being in a group, even a small group, can make you less of a target. Having a self-defense tool that you are comfortable using can make all the difference.

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