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Woman Thanks Those Who Stopped Attack

The Story

The manager of a hotel in Tulsa, OK was doing her best to help a homeless man by giving him directions to his destination. After assisting the man he started to undress in the parking lot. The woman asked him to stop undressing and move on which prompted a brutal attack. The man beat her, kicked her, stomped on her. Thankfully, she was not alone and help arrived before the attack could go too far.

Woman Thanks Good Samaritans Who Intervened During Brutal Attack

TULSA, Oklahoma – 

A woman was brutally beaten by a homeless man in downtown Tulsa, in broad daylight, and police don’t know why. The victim said she was trying to help the suspect get where he needed to go, before he brutally attacked her in the street.

Stephanie Pomeroy has worked for five years to become the general manager at her downtown Tulsa hotel — a job that makes her proud.

She said this week, she saw a man outside talking to some guests. She said she gave him directions, since he said he was lost — but he quickly came back and started undressing outside.

“I said, ‘hey friend, this is a business, I need you to put your pants on and keep moving.’ The next thing I know, he’s coming at my face, punching my face,” said Stephanie. “Somehow I ended up on the ground.”

Police said Lacount McClendon, kicked her in the face a dozen times.

“He was stomping and kicking and stomping,” she said, “and it felt like forever. I was screaming and screaming.”

“I saw how bad she was, and that’s when I stood up and screamed, ‘somebody stop him!'” said Courteney Roberts. Roberts was downtown about to get a bite to eat that night.

“That’s when my fiancé said what, he said oh my gosh, he’s beating her,” Courteney said.

Courteney said a few men diverted the suspect’s attention, and she stepped in to help Stephanie.

“I would do it over and over again,” said Courteney. “I’m just glad we were there to step in.”

“I’m very thankful for her and everyone, it just felt like forever I was on the ground,” Stephanie said.

McClendon was arrested that day and is still in jail with a bond set at $4,000. He has previous convictions, including for assault.

“It’s up to the judges now and the court system, and I think it’s failing her,” said Courteney.

Stephanie has bruises, a broken nose, leg, and arm injuries and is in a lot of pain, but thankful to be alive.

“I just really appreciate everybody that did help,” said Stephanie.

Tulsa police said they don’t have a motive for this attack. He was arrested for assault and battery after a former conviction for a felony.

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What Can We Learn?

It is so important to be able to defend yourself in case of attack. Training in basic close contact self-defense is invaluable. In addition, having the tools, knowledge, and skill to use them is key.  It is also important to help others when you are able. Good samaritans saved this woman’s life, plain and simple. There is no way to know how far the attack would have gone if there was no one else around to come to her aide. Sometimes helping others is not an option, however, if you know your rights, know the laws, and know what you are doing, you can save someone’s life.

One thought on “Woman Thanks Those Who Stopped Attack

  1. Anne says:

    I’m thinking calling the cops instead of dealing with the guy directly would also be good situational awareness. I realize she’s the manager and I’m not victim blaming. I’m just saying that most of us will never have enough training in hand to hand combat to prevent a beating from a grown man. My heart breaks for her. Recovering from those injuries is not easy.

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