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Woman Survives Two Attacks

The Story: Surviving Two Attacks

A woman was walking home one day when a man attacked her two times. Surviving one attack is amazing, surviving two attacks is a miracle. The woman was able to get to the hospital to get treatment for injuries sustained in the second attack and should make a full recovery.

Man robs woman, leaves, comes back and sexually assaults her in Brooklyn attack: NYPD

A 54-year-old woman walks home in the early morning hours on a Friday. A man driving by asked her if she needed a ride home. The woman said she was not interested in a ride so the man got out of his car and attacked. Saying no to him did not stop the attack but it could have been the decision that saved her life.

The woman survived the robbery and kept walking toward her home. Little did she know, the man was not finished. He returned to attack for a second time. During the two attacks, the woman was robbed and sexually assaulted. After attack number two, the woman was able to go to the hospital for treatment.

Reported by Pix11 originally.

What Can We Learn?

Sometimes bad things come in pairs. This poor woman was attacked by one perpetrator not one time but two times in ONE night. Surviving an attack is a great thing but that does not make you immune to another attack. After the man robbed her the survivor kept heading home instead of seeking help. If you are in a position where you can get help, do it! Don’t go home first. Find someone, anyone that can get you the help you need and avoid another attack.

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