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Woman Stabbed, Killed by Someone She Knew

The Story

Neighbors were shocked and horrified when they saw their neighbor lying on the street. A man stabbed the woman numerous times until she died. The victim, whose name was not released, was killed after an argument in her home by a man she knew and likely trusted.

Woman killed, suspect arrested in Santa Rosa stabbing

In a beautiful, quiet neighborhood in the early afternoon hours, a man stabbed a woman to death. It was just after 3:00 pm when neighbors noticed a woman lying on the ground and a man running from the area where she lay. Apparently, the man and the victim were in the victim’s home when the argument turned fatal. After repeatedly stabbing the woman in her home the perpetrator followed her as she tried to escape.

The young woman reached the sidewalk outside her home but did not make it any further. She was murdered outside in broad daylight in the quiet suburban town by a man she knew.

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What Can We Learn?

More female victims know the perpetrator: Half of all violent crimes against women are committed by someone they know, versus 38 percent of violent crimes against men. ” – Source CBS

Not every person in your life will want to harm you, not every stranger will want to harm you. However, it is proven that the majority of violent crimes against women are perpetrated by people they know. Often these are trusted friends, acquaintances, or ex-partners. When you have tension with someone you know take precautions. Don’t allow someone into your home if you feel uncomfortable even if you know that person and assume they are not going to hurt you. If you do need to have a conversation with someone you are not comfortable with for any reason, have the conversation in a public place with people around or over the phone. This may help you to avoid a violent confrontation.

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