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Woman Shot, Killed with Own Gun

The Story

Preparing yourself for an altercation and self-defense is of utmost importance. You need to have your gun on you in case there are dangers that threaten you. A woman knew this and took this to heart. She was attacked in her home and had her gun on her, ready for anything. But somehow an intruder took her gun and shot her in the chest. She did not survive.

Woman Shot with Her Own Gun

An excerpt from the original article on USA Carry:

“On the morning of December 7, 2022, a 22-year-old Chicago woman was shot and killed by a home invader who had taken the woman’s gun away from her.

At approximately 3:18 AM at a residence in South Side Chicago, the female victim, a concealed carry permit holder, was at home when a female intruder entered.

There was a verbal altercation that escalated and ended with the victim being disarmed by the assailant, who then shot the victim one time in the chest with the victim’s own gun. The victim died at the hospital.

The assailant left with the victim’s weapon and has not been identified.”

What Can We Learn?

Wow. What a heartbreaking situation. So many women have started taking their self-defense seriously and training and educating themselves. This woman was ready for an attack but something happened and she lost her firearm. We don’t know the whole story but what we can learn from this is the same either way. Having a gun and knowing how to defend yourself are not one and the same. You have to train for all conditions, including techniques of gun retention to learn how to prevent your gun from being taken away from you. In addition, training for in-home vs outdoor altercations, defending against someone larger or stronger and knowing how to use your gun without being able to see it, etc.

2 thoughts on “Woman Shot, Killed with Own Gun

  1. Doris Hasler says:

    What does one do when they cannot afford such training? Mindset training helps somewhat, but when “shoot house” training costs thousands of dollars and other courses cost hundreds, low income people find it very difficult to attend. Not much of this type of training is free or low cost.

  2. Jan Pedersen says:

    Oh how sad. She needed to shoot the moment the woman lunged for her, of course. And be mentally prepared for the taking of a human life.

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