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Woman severely beaten with hammer in NY


The Story: Woman savagely beaten with hammer in New York subway robbery

She is walking to the subway after leaving her job at the NYC Health Department when he attacked. A man savagely beat her with a hammer over a dozen times just so he could get ahold of her purse. A fractured skull and a terrifying video are proof that crime can happen to anyone, anywhere.

The Terrifying Details

The woman was walking home after work like she did every other night. The subway station is just a few blocks from her office but there was just enough time for her attacker to make his move. The survivor was walking down the subway stairs when the attacker kicked her and started hitting her repeatedly with a hammer. He severely beat her until he fractured her skull. In fact, he hit her at least 13 times before she let her bag go.

The mayor of NYC had this to say “A woman taking the train should not be struck in the head with a hammer, repeatedly,” Adams said. “And for us to believe that dangerous people like that, in some corners, that we need to say because they are in pain, they should inflict pain. I don’t subscribe to that. we need to catch him. He needs to be incarcerated.”

According to the news article “The health department will be providing employees more protection as they walk through the area at night and the Queens borough president is calling for additional police resources around the Queens Plaza subway station.”

What Can We Learn?

The attacker caught her off guard and she was ill-prepared for the shocking attack. She was severely beaten by an unknown attacker and is lucky to be alive. One thing we can do to help prevent these situations is to always be aware of your surroundings. If someone is walking too close behind you make it a point to bring attention to that person. Look them in the eye and show confidence. Create distance and move toward other people if possible. If you can, carry something you can use for self-defense. Depending on your local laws there are options. Permitted Handguns, stun guns, pepper gel, batons, etc. can help you fend off an attacker. Do what you can to be responsible for your own safety.

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5 thoughts on “Woman severely beaten with hammer in NY

  1. Charyl says:

    One more recommendation – throw purse away from your body so perp has to leave you to get purse. Run opposite direction from where you throw it. Don’t hang onto your purse for so long! Let go at first strike of hammer – or demand for purse – not 13 strikes later. Everything in purse is replaceable. Not so with your body. Skull fracture means brain injury. Prayers for full recovery!

    1. Ginger says:

      Great point!

  2. S. says:

    Incarceration is not enough.
    How about using a hammer on his skull 13 times. No more or less times.
    An eye for an eye.

    1. Cameron says:


  3. Totingkhepera316 says:

    Situational awareness and CCW is key. The CCW is something they can’t have in NYC. New Yorkers need to revolt.

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