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Woman with Protective Order Assaulted

The Story

If there is one place in the world you should be comfortable in, it is your home. You can let your hair down, relax and let the worries of the world melt away. You go to sleep knowing you and your children are safe and happy. However, things can change in an instant. A woman with a protective order against a man wishing her harm learned this in the early morning hours one day.

Woman with Protective Order Attacked

“PLAINFIELD, Conn. — A man was arrested in Plainfield Friday evening after illegally entering a home and holding a knife to a woman’s throat, according to police.

Around 2:30 a.m., Plainfield police say they were called to the woman’s home in Moosup where she said that Brandon Adkins, 32, held a knife to her throat while she was in bed with her child.

 According to the police report, a second child in the home went to the neighbor’s to seek help. The neighbor contacted the Plainfield Police Department. The report goes on to say the woman was able to get Adkins off of her, whom police say the woman has an active Protective Order against. Adkins then fled the scene before police arrived.”

Original article published by Fox61

What Can We Learn?

Sometimes you have to go further than getting a Protective Order. Don’t forgo this protection but don’t put all of your faith into it either or believe you are safe because you have it. If an ex-partner has a key to your home, change the locks no matter how much you believe they couldn’t or wouldn’t become violent. Have a plan for if/when things go south. Cameras, alarm systems, self-defense tools, training, and plans will help you in times like this. If you have children, create a plan that includes them as well. The child that went to the neighbor’s home to find help did exactly what he needed to do, this action could have been what saved this family.

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