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Woman Makes Self at Home in Home Invasion

The Story

Something I love about being at home is the comfort of it all. I love to take a bath and relax. Sitting on the couch and eating a fast, easy meal. It’s so nice to let your hair down and just relax in your home. Apparently, a woman felt the same about spending time in someone else’s home as well.

Woman Makes Herself at Home in Stranger’s House

A woman broke into a home while the owners were out to enjoy some creature comforts. She decided that it was her right to enter the home and use it as she pleased because she found an unlocked door. The woman ate food, drank some alcoholic beverages, took a bubble bath, and treated the place like her own.

Police said – “Reminder to lock not only your car doors, but also your house doors. You never know who you might find making dinner or taking a bath when you get home.” 

The police found her sitting on the porch of the home she illegally entered and took her into custody. Police are charging her with burglary.

Originally reported by WESH2

What Can We Learn?

This may appear to be a harmless story. A woman enters a home and drinks some beverages, eats some food, and takes a bath. It is uncomfortable to imagine a stranger in your house but in this story, there was no damage or violence.  Just imagine if this was a person with more nefarious intentions? What if it was a large man who was interested in physically or sexually assaulting the resident? How about a woman with a grudge and a weapon? The police said it. Always. Lock. Your. Doors. Even if you live in a safe area with little crime, you do not know when you may be victimized.

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