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Woman Loses Husband in Fatal Home Invasion

The Story

When you know there is someone out there who wishes you harm, you must not only take precautions to prevent that, but you must also be prepared to protect yourself. One woman was in the process of getting a protective order against a threatening man. The man broke into her home and stabbed her husband before the protective order went through.

Woman Loses Husband in Fatal Break-in

The woman and her husband were in their home asleep when they heard someone breaking into their home. The ruckus woke them up and alerted them to the presence of danger. The woman ran to a neighbor’s home for help as the intruder and her husband got into a physical altercation. When the police arrived they chased the intruder but were unable to apprehend him at the time. Tragically, the husband was fatally stabbed and he lost his life that night. The woman knew the man that attacked them and knew that he was a major threat to her and her family.

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What Can We Learn?

Please, take threats seriously. Yes, some are empty and will not lead to anything more than angry words. However, you cannot assume this. You have to assume if there is someone who wished to do you harm that it can lead to physical harm and danger. When you have an active threat take every step you can to prevent that threat from becoming a reality. Lock your doors, set alarms, pay attention to your surroundings and make sure you have the tools and training to protect yourself. If you don’t have a firearm or another tool, like a baton, pepper gel, or kubaton, get one. Get a self-defense tool and train as much as you can.

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