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Woman Killed Over Cellphone, Cash

The Story

A woman in Jonesboro, GA was murdered by men for a mere cell phone and some cash. On her way into her friend’s home, a group of men confronted and attacked her. After giving up her belongings she was shot and killed.

Woman killed over a cell phone, cash in Jonesboro mobile home park

Sonia Yadeli Villegas Cervantes was a family woman who planned on taking a trip to her friend’s home for a casual visit on a normal spring day. What she was not expecting was an attack by a group of men looking for a quick buck. She was on her way inside when the men came over to confront her. They demanded that she hand over her phone and all the money she had. Sonia gave them the items and subsequently, the men hit and then shot her. She died that very day from the attack.

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What Can We Learn?

This one leaves me speechless. There is no material item worth your life. We do not know if Sonia put up a fight for her belongings but her attackers killed her so they could have them. If someone asks you for your cash and you have no way to defend yourself, you must make a choice. When there are people bold enough to attack you in a public area they are likely not thinking about the consequences they will face. If a few dollars and a cellphone are worth potential jail time, you do not know how far these people could go. Do what you can to protect yourself even if that means losing your personal items.

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