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Woman Killed Knew She was in Danger

The Story

When you know you are in danger you do something about it. Depending on the situation, you press charges, you file for a protective order, and you add security to your home. What happens when you take steps and it doesn’t help? Unfortunately, this was the case with a woman in Connecticut. An ex-boyfriend sent threatening messages to her phone and she took action. She filed for and was granted a protective order. However, this was not enough. The man’s threats were not hollow. He killed the woman soon after she received the order of protection.

Connecticut Woman Killed Warned Others She was in Danger

“A Connecticut woman died in an axe attack Tuesday, days after being granted a full no-contact restraining order against her suspected killer while warning authorities of the danger she faced, police said Wednesday. 

Julie Minogue, 40, said the suspect, Ewen Dewitt, sent her harassing text messages when she asked for protection. 

“I don’t feel I should be subjected to this abuse any longer,” she wrote in a Nov. 17 affidavit, the Connecticut Post reported. “I am scared for the safety of my children and I. Ewen has got himself into a lot of trouble with drugs and alcohol, and I’m scared he’s going to kill me.”

An excerpt from the article reported by Fox News.

What Can We Learn?

If you are in danger, a protective order is not the only step you need to take to defend yourself. They can be enough to scare some criminals into leaving you alone.  However, oftentimes this is not the case. It is important to take any potential threats seriously. This woman expected others would be able to protect her and, unfortunately, they did not. This is a devastating tragedy that potentially could have been prevented. I am not implying that this woman didn’t take these threats seriously. However, many women don’t know the importance of training for self-defense until they are already in danger. By then it is often too late. You are your own self-protector and law enforcement can’t be there when an attack happens. Get training NOW in case you find yourself in danger in the future. Please stay safe ladies.

One thought on “Woman Killed Knew She was in Danger

  1. Cheryl Maggi says:

    This happens too often. A lot of women have been raised to “be nice” at the expense of their lives sometimes. This woman trusted a piece of paper to protect her and it breaks my heart. I nearly got caught up in a murder-suicide and it taught me to never NEVER think it won’t happen. Took me years to even touch a gun. I know now I can use deadly force to protect myself and my loved ones. We as women must have that certainty in our bones and not hesitate.

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