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Woman Killed During Carjacking

The Story

You hear horror stories about people getting their cars stolen all the time. Someone stops you as you are getting into your car after leaving the grocery store and threatens you. The perpetrator then steals your car and belongings. Carjackings are scary but usually, they are not lethal. Unfortunately, for one woman a carjacking was her last experience.

Woman Killed During Attempted Carjacking

“A woman was stabbed to death during an attempted carjacking Sunday morning in Canoga Park, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

The attack happened around 8:30 a.m. near the intersection of Canoga Avenue and Bassett Street.

Police responded to the area for a report of a carjacking, but when they arrived on scene, they found a woman who was unresponsive and suffering from multiple stab wounds.

Paramedics arrived on scene and declared her deceased. She’s been identified only as a Hispanic woman in her 40s, police said.

Investigators believe the woman was attacked during an attempted carjacking. At some point, the altercation became violent and the woman was stabbed.

She ran away from the scene and called out for help and then collapsed in the spot where police later found her.”

Originally reported by KTLA75

What Can We Learn?

This is so tragic. A woman was killed for a car. Something that is meaningless and worthless compared to a life. It is hard to say that we can learn something from this story, but we can. What do I take away from this carjacking story? No possessions are worth losing your life over. Many people feel it is important to protect your things. In all reality, you need to protect yourself. We don’t know the full story so I can’t say whether or not the woman fought back. However, if you are being threatened and all the attacker wants is a thing, no matter what it is, protect yourself. Things can be replaced but YOU can’t be. Be careful and be safe,

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