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Woman in Bed Shoots Home Invader

The Story

A woman is sleeping peacefully in her bed. She awakens at 2:00 am to see a man standing in her room. The woman does what she needs to do and takes her life into her hands and defends herself.

Florida Woman Shoots and Kills Home Invader After He Attacks Her in Bed

“A Florida woman shot and killed a home invader after she woke up to find him in her bedroom Tuesday morning, officials said.

The Clearwater homeowner told police that her 26-year-old neighbor, Justin Wright, broke into her house, entered her bedroom and began attacking her, according to WFTS.

During a struggle, the woman managed to place a frantic call to 911 and request help. She then got hold of a gun she kept in her house and fatally shot Wright, the department said.

Clearwater police are still investigating the incident but have classified it as a case of self-defense at this stage. The handgun was legally owned, they said. Police Chief Dan Slaughter said at a news conference that the homeowner had recently moved into the house but he did not know how well they knew each other.”

Read the original story reported in the New York Post

What Can We Learn?

This woman took the protection of her life into her hands and did what she had to do to save herself. She was in danger. A man attacked her while she was resting peacefully in her bed. She is the legal owner of a firearm, she obviously trained with her gun so she knew how to use it properly and effectively. A life was lost, this is always tragic. However, she had to defend her life or she may have been murdered. This is a story of a woman being her own hero and defending her life.

7 thoughts on “Woman in Bed Shoots Home Invader

  1. Mo says:

    Good for her indeed. When seconds count and it takes minutes to get help, she did what she had to do.

  2. Mama Tolkacz says:

    She did the right thing or it could have been her in the body bag

  3. Sharon Frug says:

    This may seem obvious. But I am a youngish retired woman. I am a CCW owner of a Sig 365 and Glock 43. My interest is, where is the recommended place to have my self defense weapons in my home which is two story. I’m also trying to decide how to carry my Sig as I’m small framed and about 109 lbs. & most clothing on a small person is form fitting. My main objective is to keep in practice at the range and not be vulnerable at my age.

  4. Susan says:

    Good for her.

  5. Ann says:

    I would’ve gotten to the gun first then called the police/911. Time is of the essence. Shoot first, then ask questions.

  6. Mercedes Couch says:

    Good for her. Proud she was able to defend herself!

  7. Lisa says:

    I love to read about stories like this! The media VERY RARELY will post something about how firearms are lifesavers!!

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