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Woman in 60s Attacked

The Story

Driving down the street, a woman notices a large tree branch blocking her way. As a result, she gets out of the car to remove the blockage. This is just what her attacker was waiting for. Because he created the opportunity, he attacked a woman in her 60s and stole her car.

The Full Story: Woman in 60s attacked by unknown man stealing car in Milton Keynes

Sunday, March 6th, 2022 12:02pm

Thames Valley Police is appealing for information in connection with a robbery in Milton Keynes.

The victim, a woman in her sixties, was driving her vehicle, a grey Honda Jazz in Willen at about 9.20am on Wednesday (2/3).

As she drove her vehicle to the junction of Christian Court and Portland Drive, she noticed a tree branch was blocking the road.

As the victim got out of her vehicle to remove the branch, she was pushed by an unknown man, who then got into the victim’s vehicle before driving it away from the scene.

Investigating officer, Detective Constable Paul Cushing-Cena said: “I am appealing to anyone who witnessed this robbery or who has information or footage to get in touch with Thames Valley Police.

“It is believed that the tree branch was intentionally placed in the road by the offender, who then waited for a victim to stop their vehicle at the junction of Christian Court and Portland Drive.

“The offender is described as a white man, in his late teens to early twenties, slim, with large dark-coloured eyes. He was wearing two hoodies, one over the top of the other.

“The victim’s vehicle is a grey Honda Jazz with a ’71 registration plate. Within the vehicle was a number of the victim’s personal belongings, including her handbag and disabled badge.

“The victim sustained minor physical injuries and has been left distressed by the incident.

Originally reported by MKFM HERE

What Can We Learn?

Wow. How scary is this story? A woman in her 60s is driving, minding her business. She gets out of her car to remove a roadblock and an attacker makes his move. However, what could she have done to prevent the attack? Well, one thing to consider is, did she look around and scan the area to see if there was anything suspicious or were others around?  Did she miss red flags? Was there possibly an alternate route she could have taken?

Though most of the time a situation like this would be an innocent matter of a roadblock with an easy fix, in the off-chance that someone staged the blockage first, try to find another route or turn around and go back from where you came from. If you cannot do that, before getting out of the car do an assessment if the item is even moveable by you. Is it too large, too heavy? If so, don’t even try. Hopefully, you have your cell phone with you at all times, call someone or authorities to assist you, while remaining in your locked car.

Perhaps all of this seems like a bit of an inconvenience. But for your safety, there are times you just need to deal with some extra measures to ensure your safety. I am wishing the best to this woman and hoping she gets justice

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