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Woman Held Hostage Gets Help with Food App

The Story

In New York City there are always so many exciting things happening. The city that never sleeps holds some of the most talented and creative people in the world. It is also a city where true horrors take place. A man holding a woman hostage was foiled by her quick thinking and unusual way to call for help.

Woman Held Hostage Uses Grubhub to Alert Police

A man was holding a woman hostage in New York City and sexually assaulted her. A 24-year-old was being held by a 32-year-old man in Brooklyn against her will. Somehow that woman was able to hold onto her cell phone and was able to make a Grubhub order for breakfast. Assuming the man knew she had her phone and was monitoring her, she found a way to reach out for help. She ordered breakfast from a 24-hour restaurant and wrote a note that explained that she needed help. The woman was not able to write out her situation in detail but the unusual note alerted the restaurant workers that something was wrong. They called the police and were able to find and free the woman. The hostage-taker is behind bars.

Orignially reported by KALB

What Can We Learn?

Sometimes there are no clear-cut ways to defend your life or save yourself. What you need to do is think outside the box at these times. There is always a way! This woman was held hostage and sexually assaulted. She did not have tools to physically defend herself so she used her brain and found a way out. Sometimes you just need a little inspiration and a little luck and you can find a way. You do not need the traditional tools at all times. You are not helpless even when the situation seems dire.

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