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Woman Escapes Attempted Rape

The Story

An evening stroll turned traumatic for a woman in Connecticut. Every night the woman took time to get some light exercise in the same neighborhood. This night was different. She escaped an attempted rape by a man who saw her and wanted to take advantage of her being alone in the early evening hours.

Woman Escapes Attempted Rape in Connecticut

A woman, who takes the same walk each night, narrowly escaped a sexual assault in the evening hours. She was walking along her normal route and noticed something strange. A man followed her and kept getting uncomfortably close. Eventually, the man left her alone and she felt like she dodged the proverbial bullet. Unfortunately, she was not out of the woods just yet. When she rounded a corner near an access road she saw what she believed to be the same man’s car. She didn’t see the attacker until it was too late. He wrapped his hands around her neck and attempted to rape her.

She fought and fought until he let her go. After the police arrested the attacker he said “I started to get this weird urge when I would look at her. The feeling I had was sexual to the female. I then decided to try and rape her.” Clearly, this man had no regard for the fear and pain he caused the woman.

Originally reported by NBC Connecticut.

What Can We Learn?

First of all, fight back. This woman knew that she was in danger and she did everything she could to prevent rape and potentially more. She clawed, scratched, and hit anything she could reach. She gave the man enough of a fight to get him to stop the attack. This woman is her own hero and you can be too. Many attackers will watch their victims to observe patterns. This woman walked the same route every day. For your safety, change it up and walk different routes. Carry a self-defense tool with you at all times and don’t be distracted, stay observant.

2 thoughts on “Woman Escapes Attempted Rape

  1. Carolyn Fleet says:

    Get a Gun you can carry in your pocket. Hope and pray that might help. Also carry Mace. Maybe a knife. Just thoughts.

    And try not to put yourself walking late or by yourself. More just thoughts.

    Take care

  2. Becky says:

    She took the same route every night. Predictability allows a would be attacker to develop a plan …….. vary your path. Vary your routine.

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