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Woman Beaten with Rock Fights Back

The Story

You may not think that you need to prepare for anything when you start your day with plans of shopping and running errands. Unfortunately, the unexpected happens at unexpected times. A San Antonio woman learned this after men beat her with a rock on what began as a typical outing.

Woman fights back after getting violently attacked with rock

Tesha decided that the men who walked up behind her as she was looking for her car keys would not win. She knew that she had to do something so she fought back.

“Tesha said she fought back and was screaming and literally fighting for her life. Tesha said this happened Tuesday after 5:30 in broad daylight. She didn’t get a chance to get a good look at their faces because it happened so fast. The badly bruised survivor is sharing her story to KENS 5 as a warning.

“I turned around,” she said. And I just got smashed in the face with a rock. I don’t know how many times he hit me maybe five or six. I don’t really know. It happened really fast.”

She started kicking, punching and yelling for help. But, no one came to her rescue.
“After I started screaming,” she said. He grabbed me and said “F” you. He took me and threw me to the grass.”

Tesha just laid helplessly on the ground, and said the two men just ran off. She believes she scared them.”

Reported by KENS5

What Can We Learn?

You can fight back! Being caught in a surprise attack does not mean you can’t still come out on top. It is important to keep yourself aware at all times but if you are caught off guard you still have a chance. Tesha did everything she could in the moment to fend off her attackers. She survived a scary situation because she made the decision to fight back. Men attacked, hit her with a rock, and potentially had even worse plans for her but she is a survivor. One tip to avoid similar situations; when leaving any shopping center or store, get your keys out while you are in the store BEFORE going out to your car. This way you can keep your eyes up and can open your door as soon as you get to your car.

One thought on “Woman Beaten with Rock Fights Back

  1. Roberta Abramson says:

    Also, put your keys between your fingers. Keys are sharp and make a good weapon.

    I think all women should carry Pepper Spray. The pepper spray in inexpensive and as you leave a store, just slip it into your hand.

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