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Woman Beaten While Friends Stand By

The Story

We all need to take time to have a little fun. Whether that is a cool night on the town, going for a hike on a beautiful day, or spending time with loved ones. A woman and her friends needed a break from the real world and were out on the town enjoying an evening of fun. When getting out of their car in a parking garage, multiple men attacked and beat one of the women while her friends stood by helplessly.

Woman Is Beaten While Friends Stand By

In the early morning hours on a Friday, a woman spent time having fun in Hollywood. She and her friends were enjoying the evening when everything changed. Around 2:15 am they were in a parking garage when the unexpected occurred. Two men jumped out and began hitting one of the women. Her friends stood by watching helplessly as the men viciously punched and kicked her.

A friend standing by took video of the attack. You can see the look of fear and horror as the woman’s friends stand by unable to prevent the attack from continuing. You can watch the video and read the full article from KTLA 75 HERE.

What Can We Learn?

There are a lot of things that we can do to protect ourselves when we are out with friends. None of these women had a gun or another self-defense tool. Being in a group can be a deterrent for criminals however this is not a guarantee that you won’t be attacked. Other deterrents include parking in a well-lit, open area and don’t allow any member of the group to go to her car alone. If you must park in a garage, park in the best-lit spot closest to an entrance. Have self-defense tools at the ready. Everyone in the group should be alert and be scanning the entire area. Have a plan. “If” something were to happen, how will you and your friends fight back?  Something to keep in mind; nothing is 100%. Being in a group will not always help you. Being armed and educated does not mean that you will never come to harm but it does mean you have the tools and mindset to defend yourself and survive.. Remembering these deterrents can make a huge difference.

2 thoughts on “Woman Beaten While Friends Stand By

  1. KMA says:

    “…stood by helplessly…”. They just got out of a car. No tire iron? Or just don’t know where it is because they’ve never in their lives used one? Or just have a victim mentality – where you don’t fight, you just stand there?
    Seems more likely this one woman was targeted (the rest unharmed) and they all knew what was happening and why and allowed it.

  2. Cathy says:

    All good advice, yet remember, (unless you’re law enforcement, and maybe even if you are) you should really think before carrying a gun into a club or bar. If you do, don’t drink alcohol. If you discharge your weapon, your defense could be really compromised whether you’re drinking or not. Consider being “armed” with pepper spray, or other non-lethal tools.

    It’s sad that her “friends” fear kept them from helping her…they pulled out a phone rather than stepping in. I’ve never been in that situation, so I can’t fully understand, yet let’s really think about caring for others rather than documenting. I’m pretty sure, the video is not as important in court in a situation like this one.

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