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Woman Attacked While Security Stands By

 The Story

A woman was walking into the subway station to board a train to see her daughter. She has traveled the same line many times between D.C. and NYC with no trouble. That is until last month when multiple men attached her as security guards did nothing.

Woman Attacked by Men at Subway Entrance; Says Security Did ‘Nothing’

“A woman was attacked as she walked toward the entrance to Union Station Friday – and to make matters worse, she said security inside the building didn’t take her pleas for help seriously.  The victim, Nadia, said a group of men blocked her as she was trying to go inside to catch a train from D.C. to New York to visit her daughter. 

“The guy, in front of me who’s big and tall, and he bent over, and he would not let me go. I was trying, trying and trying. Then I saw other men surround me,” she said.  At one point, she said one of them had his hand in her purse. She pushed his hand away, continued to push through them, and somehow escaped the situation unharmed.

“The experience, like I have now fear for myself, for my daughter because we travel a lot,” Nadia said. 

She said she was also very upset because she screamed for police and others to help once she was inside the station, but no one responded. “I was like speechless. I couldn’t believe it. Really, you ask people who work there for help. Nothing. Zero,” Nadia said.”

Read the full story: Woman Attacked by Men Near Union Station Entrance Says Security Did ‘Nothing’ from NBC Washington

What Can We Learn?

This story is a little less harrowing than many that I have shared. However, it is still a scary situation that could have been prevented. The worst part for me was there was no help offered when there were people around that could provide it. The victim plead for help from nearby professional security guards and her yells went unanswered. You must be prepared to defend yourself even if you think there are others around that may come to your aid. You cannot always rely on those around you but you can rely on your training and ability.

One thought on “Woman Attacked While Security Stands By

  1. M.H. D says:

    The security guards were up to date with Supreme Court rulings that police have no duty to protect the public, even if one party has a court-issued protection order. See Town of Castle Rock vs Gonzales and DeSheney vs. Winnebago. Even though you’r taxed for the police, they have no duty to protect you.
    Now, if that woman, in her struggles, had defaced Union Station, the security guards would have come to the defense of the building.
    So between cries to “defund” the police and the police having no duty to protect you, cyou’re pretty much on your own.

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