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Woman Attacked with Razor

The Story

We all have our favorite places to grab a bite to eat, shop, or enjoy entertainment. Usually, these places are comfortable and familiar. However, what if you go to a cafe that has a reputation but not for being familiar and comfortable? A criminal attacked a woman with a razor after leaving a cafe known for violence and is now fighting for her life.

Woman Brutally attacked with Razor

“First arriving officers located a woman with serious wounds from an attack by an assailant with a razor. Officers immediately rendered aid while awaiting EMS. Boston EMS rushed her to Boston Medical Center Emergency Room for further care with […] serious injuries but non life threatening injuries.

District Detectives were called to the scene while officers secured the area and canvased for witnesses. They located a vehicle nearby with blood covering the doors which is believed to have been involved with the crime.

Currently, it is believed that the victim is expected to survive even with the serious nature of the injuries. Police also have confirmed that there have been no arrests and no publicly available suspect information.

This is not the first time violence has occurred in or around the Homerun Café, the bar has been home to numerous fights, shootings, and other incidents.”

Article written and published by Live Boston 617

What Can We Learn?

If you know an area, business, or street has a history of violence or attacks, do whatever you can to avoid the place. People so often think that they will not be the victim of an attack. The mindset of “that would never happen to me” is flat-out dangerous. The assailant attacked the woman viciously with a razor outside of a cafe known for having a violent history. Perhaps she wasn’t aware of the history of violence or maybe she felt like she had nothing to worry about since she was just your typical, everyday woman. Unfortunately, it did happen and the victim is now in recovery. Please be aware of your surroundings and take the steps needed to avoid potentially dangerous places.

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