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Woman Attacked in Walmart Parking Lot

The Story

A woman was heading home after spending some time at a friend’s house in the evening hours. Because she was feeling sick, she decided to pull over into a Walmart parking lot for a few moments to gather herself. While she was there multiple men took the opportunity to brutally attack her.

Woman attacked and robbed by several men in Walmart parking lot

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — A family is pleading for the community’s help after a woman was reportedly jumped and robbed in a Walmart parking lot in southwest Houston over the weekend.

Jessie Lozano said his daughter, Jennifer Lozano, was hospitalized after she was attacked in the Walmart parking lot off Beechnut and Kirkwood.

It happened around 11:30 p.m. Saturday while Jennifer Lozano was on her way home from a friend’s house, her father says. Jennifer Lozano told the family that she wasn’t feeling well and decided to pull into the parking lot.

“She noticed a vehicle pull up and heard a male’s voice and asking her if she was alright,” Jessie Lozano said, recalling his daughter’s account of the attack. “And she slightly looked up and (saw) several males, she said, ‘Yes’ and the next thing she remembers is coming to and not really being able to see well.”

That’s when Jennifer Lozano realized her wallet, phone and 2006 four-door, blue Toyota Tundra with black Rhino-guard painted fenders and black wheels were gone [from the Walmart parking lot].

Houston police said Jennifer Lozano walked to a nearby friend’s home to call 911. Police said the investigation is ongoing and detectives are working to obtain surveillance video in the area.

Jessie Lozano said he is grateful his daughter is alive, but she may have permanent eye damage. He said the alleged thieves spent several hundred dollars on her stolen debit card. He hopes someone will do the right thing and give Houston police a call.

“If you can speak up. If you can help solve some of {these crime}. You know, call your local law enforcement, Crime Stoppers, whatever you can do,” Jessie Lozano said. “You’re going to save somebody else’s life.” Reported by News Channel 3

What Can We Learn

Sometimes horrible things can happen without much notice or warning. This woman was feeling unwell and pulled over into a parking lot when disaster struck. They severely beat her to the point of blacking out. Consequently, the assailants stole her possessions, including her car. What could she have done?

Unfortunately, this news account doesn’t include all of the details, so we don’t know if her doors were locked, windows closed etc… Keeping your doors locked and your eyes open and focused on who and what is around you can help. Keep the car running so you can drive away quickly if you are approached or threatened. Being vigilant and aware at all times is essential. Hopefully, this woman makes a full recovery and the Walmart parking lot assailants see justice.

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