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Woman Attacked in Jeep

The Story

After a long day of working or running errands, you just want to go home to relax. You park your car and take a moment to yourself before heading inside. However, unlike all the other times you’ve done this, a man takes the opportunity to get in your Jeep and assaults you.

Woman Attacked in Jeep, Witness Leads Police to Suspect’s Door

A woman was on her phone while sitting in her Jeep outside her home in the late hours of the evening. She sat with her doors unlocked immersed in her screen. A man took advantage of her focus and tried to open the driver’s side front door of the Jeep. She was able to keep her door closed but was unable to prevent the man from entering her car through the back door. The man then grabbed her and forced her out of the car telling her to take him to her apartment. As they were struggling on the ground a neighbor heard them and ran out to assist immediately. The neighbor took a photo and then helped the woman on the ground. The attacker fled to his apartment in the same complex. Thankfully, the witness was able to see where the man ran to and he was arrested later that day.

Originally reported by NBC 6 South Florida

What Can We Learn?

Even when you feel like you are in a safe situation, like sitting comfortably in your car, for instance, you still need to be aware of your surroundings. Keep your car doors locked until you are ready to get out. So many people unlock their cars or the car unlocks automatically when you put your car in park. I would always suggest changing that setting on your car if you haven’t already. Always look around before you leave your car as well as an extra precaution and don’t let yourself get distracted during this vulnerable transition.

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