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Woman Attacked in Early Morning Hours

The Story

A man brutally attacked a woman in the very early hours one morning. She was actively attempting to avoid the man as he followed her home around 3 am. She crossed the street several times in an attempt to stay away from her attacker. Though she tried her hardest, she was not successful. The man caught up to her, grabbed her, and sexually assaulted her on the street. Many people heard her screams and called the police. Thankfully the attacker ran and did not go any further with the attack.

From the Original Article about the Early Morning Attack

Investigating officer Detective Andy Scott of Sussex Police said on Monday: “Women should be able to walk alone through the streets of Brighton and Hove, at any time of day or night, without the fear of being attacked by dangerous predators like James Cooke.

“This was a terrifying ordeal for his victim, who has shown incredible bravery in supporting the investigation and helping to put her attacker behind bars.”

Written and posted by Yahoo News.

What Can We Learn?

Sometimes avoiding a predator is not enough. The woman did her best to steer clear of the man that felt threatening to her. She walked away from him and tried to make it more difficult to get to her. However, when there are few people around in the early morning hours, they may not help you. Be prepared to defend yourself actively instead of just defending yourself passively, get the tools and get the training to protect yourself.  Thankfully, someone did step up and called the police who were able to find and arrest the attacker.

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