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Woman Assaulted After Car Crash

The Story

A woman was driving in Memphis, Tennessee when she was involved in an accident. She and the people in the other car were in a verbal altercation after the accident. The verbal altercation transformed into a robbery and theft.

Caught on camera: Woman attacked after car crash

The entire altercation can be seen on ActionNews5. If you watch the video you will see the people from the second car physically and verbally assaulting a woman. It starts out with a woman and man assaulting a passenger through an open door. The couple then jumps on top of the victim’s car in an attempt to damage the car itself. After this goes on for some time, the couple then decides it’s time to rob the woman. You can see them taking items out of the car and running with them back to their car.

What Can We Learn?

First of all, a car accident no matter how small can be traumatic. You are afraid of the damage t your car. You are worried about potential health concerns. This is a scary situation in and of itself. However, someone verbally and physically assaulting you AND robbing you will make this situation extremely traumatic. So what can we do after a car crash to protect ourselves from road rage? Initially, you may want to get out of your car and inspect the damage. However, it would be a better idea to stay in your car (if that does not pose a threat) until police arrive at the scene. Secondly, keep your doors locked. If the other party can’t physically reach you, you will be in a better position. Lastly, keep your cool. You don’t know the level of anger or disregard for others the other party may have.

One thought on “Woman Assaulted After Car Crash

  1. Ginger says:

    Great advice as always!! If you don’t have to leave the safety of your car (no smoke or fire evident, you are probably safer to stay inside with doors locked. The responding officers will understand!

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