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Weapon Brandished In Home Invasion

The Story

The best part of a Sunday night is getting to relax for the last few hours before your crazy work week starts. As the day ends you put your head down and let yourself feel comfortable and calm. In most cases, the night ends without any kind of unusual activity. Sometimes, the night ends with a scare. In this case, it was an intruder brandishing a weapon at the home’s residents.

Occupants Fight off Man Brandishing Weapon in Home

A family winds down for the night when they hear unexplained noises in their home. A man broke into a window in the home with the intention of robbing the house. The occupants found the man before he was able to take anything and a brief scuffle ensued. The residents did what they could until the intruder brandished a weapon at them. After, the intruder decided against using the weapon and ran.

Originally reported by OC Today

What Can We Learn?

First, this could have gone better and could have gone worse. This family was able to come out of this without being harmed, this is amazing. However, the altercation could have gone much worse. The man could have used the weapon in question instead of brandishing it. It is so important to know what you can and can’t handle. This means knowing if you can safely confront a home invader and what you will do in case they have a weapon. You need to be able to know your limits and protect yourself in a way that is safe and will not cause you or your loved ones harm.

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