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‘Vicious Attack’ on Woman in Her 60s

The Story

Four suspects viciously attacked a woman when she arrived at home after running errands. She was walking into her home when they attacked, beat her, and attempted to steal her car.

‘Disturbing’ video shows ‘vicious attack’ on Prince George’s Co woman in her 60s

Four suspects showed no remorse or care for the woman in her 60s as they viciously attacked her. The survivor was tackled multiple times as her belongings were ripped from her hands.

“The shameless act of violence is very sick and disturbing to me and everyone who has watched the video. Our seniors deserve to be treated with dignity and respect and not be violently accosted in our neighborhoods where we live peacefully. We need our community’s help in arresting these suspects so that they may be brought to justice and held accountable for their senseless act of violence. We are asking the community to look at this video and the pictures of the suspects and call us with information,” said Police Chief Malik Aziz.

The original report shows a harrowing video of the vicious attack. Click HERE to see the video from ABC7 News on Your Side.

What Can We Learn?

This year, carjackings are up by around 30% in this area of Maryland, a seemingly “nice” place to live. Crimes are happening at alarming rates and we need to take measures to prevent victimization. When leaving your car make sure to take precautions against potential dangers. Read my article about transitioning from your car to your home and vice versa. focus your attention on your surroundings and look before you leave your car. If you sense something is wrong stay in your car with the door locked. You can also leave and return when you feel safe.

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