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Unprovoked Attack: Woman Injured at Beach

The Story: Woman attacked by stranger at San Francisco’s Ocean Beach

Spending time at the beach with your family should not end in violence and an unprovoked attack. Unfortunately, for a woman celebrating her daughter’s friend’s birthday, that is exactly what happened.

A man came up to the party, took some of their food, and started throwing the party’s belongings onto the sand, seemingly for no reason. Then, the attacker threw a full can of soda at the survivor and broke her nose, and seriously injured and blackened her eye. This unprovoked attack was scary and nonsensical but could have been so much worse. Afterwards, the victim said “It was like getting hit by a prized fighter. I flew and I staggered and then I fell and then I just lost consciousness.”

The Video: An Unprovoked Attack


What Can We Learn?

Often we feel like attacks happen for a reason. Someone said something that was taken offensively, the attacker and victim have an unpleasant history, a robbery, greed, jealousy… however, sometimes utterly unprovoked attacks happen. Just realizing that they can is the first way to be prepared should something unexpected happen.

Wherever you are, always become very familiar with the environment and what your potential options are for escape or action should you need them. Always be aware of all of the people around you. Take immediate note of anyone approaching you. You must know they are coming before they even get close. Observe and note anything unusual and create a plan of “what will I do if?” This sort of thinking and quick planning are really important and allow you to be in a better defensive position, with any potential weapons that could be used if necessary. At the first sign of trouble start thinking about your response and reaction.

Originally reported by KRON4. Read article HERE

Watch video on YouTube HERE

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