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Suspected Stalker Finds and Attacks Woman

The Story

A woman was assaulted in her home by a suspected stalker in a small Texas town. Late in the evening on May 30th the woman was fighting for her life and in fear for her safety.

Suspected stalker shot dead after forcing way into woman’s apartment

Around 9:00 pm on a Monday evening, a woman’s life was hanging in the balance. After finding out that she had a stalker she took steps to protect her life. The woman made the choice to move into a new apartment hoping this would prevent her stalker from finding and harming her. Unfortunately, this was not the case. The man staking the survivor found her and kicked in her door. This woman knew she could have been in danger and moving was not the only precaution she took. This woman had the wherewithal to have her gun on her just in case she found herself in a dangerous position.

Reported by ABC7.

What Can We Learn?

What a harrowing experience for this survivor! I could not imagine being in her position. A stalker was threatening her life so she did everything she could to get away from him. She moved from her home and changed her life. She either purchased a gun because of this stalker or she trained with her owned gun in case of a threat. Unfortunately, a life ended because of this final altercation. However, she did what she needed to save her life.

If you find yourself in a dangerous situation, take whatever steps you need to protect yourself. The most important thing is to continuously train and educate yourself so you don’t put yourself in more danger. Check out my articles about education and training. If you are just starting out as a gun newbie, my training course is worth a look as well!

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  1. From a man, living in politically gun hating toilet Oregon. I have always been in favor of Women being armed. And every Demorat Politican in Oregon , by their anti gun stance promote violence against Women. Thank God for TWAW.

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