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Stranger Intervenes and Saves Victim of Attack

The Story

On the beautiful shores of La Jolla a horrible and ugly attack occurred. A woman jogged along the beach in the early morning hours when a random attacker savagely beat her.

Jogger beaten by stranger at La Jolla Shores; attacker flees as passerby intervenes

Original article reported by La Jolla Light

“A woman jogging at La Jolla Shores early June 3 was attacked and beaten by a stranger, San Diego police said.

A passerby called 911 at about 4 a.m. and said he saw a man beating a woman on the beach near Camino del Oro and Kellogg Park, Officer David O’Brien said.

The caller said the assailant fled as he approached to intervene.

The woman told police that she was out for a routine run when she was suddenly attacked, O’Brien said. She said she did not know her assailant, who repeatedly punched her head, O’Brien said. She suffered serious injuries.”

What Can We Learn?

I know that exercising in the pre-dawn hours when there are few people around sounds like a dream. Running without a crowd of people around before it gets too warm with the sound of waves crashing would be a lovely time. However, you are putting yourself at risk. When there are no crowds there may be no one to help you if someone attacks and you cannot defend yourself. When an attacker catches you by surprise and you are alone you are in even more danger than when others are around. If you want to exercise alone in the early morning or late evening, have a tool to defend yourself. A firearm, pepper gel, baton, or other self-defense tools, when used properly, can save your life. It does not state if the jogger wore headphones but you want to avoid wearing these in public as well. Use all of your senses to keep yourself safe.

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