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Stalking Leads to Multiple Murder

The Story

Stories about stalking are hard to hear. The numerous attempts to contact the victim, unwanted visits and gifts, and threats are only the beginning. Stalking can end with verbal contact or physical harm, even murder.

Podcaster Stalked and Murdered

A woman and her husband we found shot in their Washington homes after a man stalked the woman for months. The couple ran a podcast and made multiple connections with people from all over the country. Unfortunately, one of these connections leads to their demise. The woman reached out to the man who would become her stalker after meeting on a social networking app for like-minded people. They struck up a friendship, but the man wanted much more.

After contacting the woman constantly over a few months, the man went from frustrating and scary to murderous. He would text the victim a hundred times a day and send unwanted gifts. He was trying everything in his power to get the woman to show him the attention he believed he deserved. She went to the police multiple times but they were unable to find the stalker until it was too late.

Read the full article from NBC News HERE.

What Can We Learn?

It is so important to take threats and stalking seriously. There is a possibility that threats are hollow and will stop at verbal threats. However, there is also the possibility that the threats will lead to harm or death. The couple in this article called the police and tried to get help. However, there is no way to know if they took other precautions. If someone is threatening you or a family member, increase your home protection. Install cameras and alarms if you can. Train with self-defense tools. Have a plan in case of a home invasion. Do everything you can to protect yourself even if you think the threats will not get passed the verbal stage.

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