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Simple Assault on a Park Trail: Wrist Grabbed

The Story

A woman was running on a trail in Brooklyn when a man approached her. He was walking his bike along the trail behind the woman when he tried to get her attention. When she didn’t respond he grabbed her wrist.

Woman, 18, Assaulted by Man Who Grabbed Her Wrist

A man grabbed an 18-year-old woman as she was walking in a park. He followed her while walking his bike as she was exercising.

“The Brooklyn Park Police Department says it was called to the trail near Oak Grove Park on Tuesday.

The victim said she was running on the trail and was being followed by a man who was walking his bike. The man attempted to talk with her, and then “grabbed her wrist,” police said. She was able to fight off the man and run away.

An appeal has now been issued to find the man, with police saying there will be increased patrols on the trail as a result.

The suspect is described as a white man aged 40-50 years old. He is around 6’1″ tall, with a “slim build, a black mustache, and short black hair.”‘

Reported by Bring Me the News.

What Can We Learn?

This may seem like it is no big deal. All this guy did was grab the woman’s wrist. The man did not harm the woman and she is completely safe. What I want you to think about is what would have happened if she did not fight back. Our society tries to train women not to make a fuss. We should be polite and quiet. I am an advocate for women being strong and ready to fight back whenever they feel uncomfortable. This may have saved this woman’s life. There is no way to know what the man had in store for her and she did what she could to get away from the threat.

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