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Shocking Attack in Quiet Neighborhood

The Story: A Shocking Attack in a Quiet Town

An entire town is in shock after a seemingly unprecedented attack on a young woman in a quiet neighborhood. It was late at night and she was walking along a road in a well-known neighborhood. She, and other women in the area, always felt comfortable walking the streets alone. Even though it was close to midnight, she felt there was no reason for her to be scared. Unfortunately, she was wrong.

Three men saw this as an opportunity to attack. They stole her cell phone and shot her three times in her arms and legs. Thankfully, she crawled her way to a neighboring home where the resident called for help. The words used to describe the incident were “unexpected” and “shocking”.

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What Can We Learn?

Local law enforcement called this situation an example of “location immunity”. This is when a person feels that nothing bad will happen in their community or safe place. This is something that may be comforting but it is also dangerous. Good advice from the article “Self-defense expert Michael Moore says when it comes to robberies, no item is more valuable than your life. “So you give them your car keys, you give them your iPhone and your iPad — all of it,” he said. “You give all that away.” If you have to walk late at night, Moore said to be aware of your surroundings and bring some kind of protection like a flashlight and pepper spray or even a pocket knife.” And, of course, if you are a concealed carrier, be ready to defend yourself against someone else with a firearm. Be ready no matter where you are. Even if you don’t think anything this shocking would happen to you.


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  1. Judy says:

    Our world has changed significantly, as we all can see. I obtained my pistol permit at 70. Now I’m 75, and I will tell you that I’m not much in the fight scene and they can have anything but my LIFE! I have a 9mm Sig Sauer P320, and Walther 9mm PDP-F Series ( compliments from TWAW, posts) and for situations just like this, a Kimber, Micro Sapphire .380! I go to one or two training sessions a year with an NRA Firearms Instructor… SURPRISE, they are the ones that won’t walk away❗️Then I’ll take my cell phone back and call the police!

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