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Roommate Stabs Woman Several Times

Woman Survives Multiple Stab Wounds Inflicted by Roommate

A South Florida woman is grateful to be alive after she was stabbed several times allegedly by her roommate, who police arrested earlier this month for attempted murder.

On Jan. 6, Dejon Harrison thought she was going to die. She was home with her roommate, Abigail Hennington, at Northwest 12th Court in Miami, when they got into a disagreement over a missing cellphone. Harrison said Hennington then charged at her.

“She starts stabbing me repeatedly,” Harrison said. Harrison said Hennington, someone she considered a friend, stabbed her six times, and she didn’t see it coming.

“Please stop, you’re going to kill me, stop, stop,” Harrison recalled screaming.

Harrison is heard screaming and pleading for help on their home surveillance camera.

“One more stab, and I’m dead, then it’s one more, then one more, it doesn’t stop,” Harrison said.

Read the full story from NBC Miami.

What Can We Learn?

This story chilled me to the bone. The scariest part? These women were roommates and friends. A small argument turned into attempted murder. The survivor had no inclination that her roommate was violent, or could turn violent. A simple misunderstanding over a lost phone could have cost her her life. What can we learn from this awful ordeal? Be careful and be aware. If you feel uncomfortable or afraid, get yourself out of the situation. Things like this are hard to be prepared for, especially when a trusted friend or roommate is involved. They are so unexpected and often take you completely by surprise. However, having a good base knowledge of self-defense tactics can make a difference. I have always and will always push training and education. It is such an important part of self-defense.

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