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Personal Style Leads to Assault

The Story

Everyone has their own sense of style. There are women that enjoy hanging out in loungewear. Others like to dress to the nines. Many women love to dress in jeans and a cute blouse. I personally love to be comfortable and use that criterion when choosing what I plan to wear. What if your personal style causes others to become angry and violent?

Personal Style Leads to Assault on Woman

“Police charge a 37-year-old woman with assault and mischief following an ugly incident captured on video. The video is now viral on social media.
Video of the incident taken by the victim captures part of a verbal altercation in which the suspect accosts the woman, apparently for not wearing a bra.
The victim questions why an Indigenous woman would be the target of “body-shaming” on unceded Algonquin territory.The video shows the suspect approaching the victim and appearing to strike her. Others can be heard telling the victim to “stop filming” as the altercation continues. The suspect is seen with her bicycle aggressively approaching the victim again and appears to strike her a second time.The victim was then confined in a nearby parking lot as the suspect blocked her car with a bicycle and began climbing on the hood. Other bystanders can be heard knocking on the car windows while the victim explains she had just been assaulted.

Police said Friday they continued to investigate the incident, which was in a public space near Riverside Drive and Data Centre Road. Police described it as a “verbal altercation that escalated into a physical altercation.”’

Read the story and watch the video on The Ottawa Citizen

What Can We Learn?

People are unpredictable. This woman was minding her own business and exercising outdoors. Women in the park assaulted her because she did not dress to their liking. Why did I share this? People will do awful things when they don’t like what they see. It can be the simplest and least important part of their day but it can lead to an altercation. You never know what others are capable of until they are unhappy.

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