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Oregon woman stabbed 10 times, repels assailant with bat

The Story

Imagine you are home, enjoying your evening, and you hear a knock at the door. A man is looking for someone who you don’t know. You let him know he has the wrong home, he leaves, and you end your night like any other. Now imagine the next evening the same man comes to your home and stabs and beats you as soon as you open the door. What do you do?

Oregon woman stabbed 10 times, repels assailant with baseball bat

A woman in Beaverton, OR sustained severe injuries fending off an assailant with a baseball bat. The man had come to her home twice in two days and beat and stabbed her multiple times on the second visit. The woman, Lauren Carrier, likely thought nothing of the man who came to her home looking for someone she did not know and had never heard of. However, the next night the man showed her that he was someone to fear.

After opening the door just enough to speak with the attacker, the man beat and stabbed the woman multiple times. There is no known reason as to why the man attacked her. Thankfully, Lauren kept her wits about her and did what she had to do to surive. She found the nearest item that could be used as a self-defense tool and started to fight back. She was able to fend off her attacker and save her life using a baseball bat.

From Oregon News Channel

What Can We Learn?

This story is terrible and frightening but also educational and inspiring. Educational in the reminder to NEVER open your door unless you absolutely KNOW it is safe to do so. Talk through the door to identify the person and utilize a peephole to visually verify. If you don’t have one – get one or a video doorbell. Always take your phone and a self-defense weapon with you. (or keep one near the door).

How is a woman getting stabbed, beaten, and severely injured inspiring? She. Fought. Back. This woman knew that she was in grave danger and she knew she had to act fast. Lauren Carrier found a self-defense tool in the midst of a shocking attack and saved her own life. These attacks happen at the most unexpected times. But if you have a survival mindset and you educate yourself on self-defense, you can be your own protector.

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