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Online Date Leads to Kidnapping

The Story

There are times when people take risks and they pay off. You decide to take a chance and start a new career, move to a new city, or date someone exciting and new. However, there are times when taking a risk is dangerous. For example, you meet someone online and you decide to meet them in a secluded place out of the public eye. There are many wonderful, friendly, kind people out there. Until you know for sure someone is safe, do not meet them in a place that doesn’t provide any protection.

Woman Kidnapped, Assaulted for Five Days

A woman and man met on a popular dating app and decided that they had so much in common that they made a date to meet. The woman went to the man’s home and was not able to leave for five days. The man kidnapped her and sexually assaulted her for almost a week. The details are very upsetting and intense. The kidnapper used tools like screwdrivers to inflict harm on the woman. He denied her food and water, punched and bit her, and continuously hurt her throughout her time there. For the full story from First Post click here.

What Can We Learn?

This story, even this synopsis of this story, is horrifying. A woman met with a man that she thought to be a potential partner and was brutally assaulted. What can we do to avoid something so traumatizing happening to us? Do not meet with someone you don’t know at their home or anywhere else in private. Always meet in public places. People being around you can deter a lot of criminal behavior. If you do meet someone in a private place, after getting to know them, bring a self-defense tool and let someone know where you will be. Send a friend or family member the address. Make a promise to reach out to your friend or family member when you are finished with your date. These small precautions are essential to your safety.

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