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No Regard for Life in Home Invasion

The Story

A home invasion left a mother and son fearing for their lives. The young man stated that he felt the intruder “didn’t have any regard for life ” after holding a knife to the survivor’s throat and demanding money, keys, and more.

‘He didn’t have any regard for life’: Victim recounts Olive Branch home invasion

“He came through my backdoor, just walked in. He had a firearm,” Callahan said. “He said well find your wallet in five seconds or she’s next as he was holding a gun to my face.” – Excerpt from original article reported by WREG3

A young man sat in his living room while his mother was upstairs. He heard a noise and then saw a man walking into his living room with a firearm. With no regard for his surroundings or the fear he was causing, the man threatened the young man and his mother. The victim gave the intruder what he could easily find and, thankfully, the man left without harming the residents.

It turns out this man had been a suspect in multiple burglaries and home invasions in the surrounding area. Thanks to some home security cameras, he was caught soon after the incident. This man with no regard for life terrorized his last family.

What Can We Learn?

I have noticed so many people have been using home security cameras recently and I cannot tell you much I love this! If the cost is an issue, you don’t have to use a subscription and pay monthly, there are options that just use your smartphone. There are plenty of affordable options. Why is this such a good thing? Not only can you keep an eye on your home when you are gone or if someone comes around when you are home, but you can also help catch criminals. Another takeaway from this article is to keep your doors locked. Dangerous people are everywhere and if an opportunity presents itself they will take advantage. Do not become an easy target.

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