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Maryland Home Burgled During Vacation

The Story

The last thing you want to think about when on vacation is going home. Vacations are supposed to be the time that you can avoid your responsibilities and just have a good time. However, eventually, you have to go home and deal with reality. Normally this means unpacking, grocery shopping, getting ready for the next work week, etc. What if you went home and had to start all over because your home was burgled?

Maryland Residents Return From Vacation to Find Belongings Missing, Strangers in Bed

“Maryland residents returned home from vacation to find two strangers in bed, the only piece of their furniture still in their apartment, Greenbelt police said.

The residents left their apartment in the 9300 block of Edmonston Road March 28 and returned April 5, noticing their door was damaged and their furniture was gone, police said. A man and a woman were in bed.

The suspects said they’d taken all of the residents’ property, police said. The suspects got aggressive and fled the apartment.

Other than the bed, the apartment was empty except for trash bags filled with items, police said. Even the kitchen cabinet doors were missing. There was trash on the walls.

The stolen property is valued at about $49,100.”

Originally reported by NBC Washington.

What Can We Learn?

Wow! What a story. I could not imagine the surprise, fear, and anger I would feel if I found myself in this situation. It is so important to protect your home while you are there. Making sure you lock your doors and windows and using some kind of alarm system to keep yourself safe is always a good idea. However, it is important to protect your home when you are away as well. Whether you are out for a day trip, at work, or on vacation. Take precautions to protect your home and keep unwanted people out. Get to know your neighbors well and let them know when you will be gone for an extended period. Thankfully, the only harm done was theft and the perpetrators did not physically harm the residents!

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