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Man Stalks and Stabs Woman

The Story

There are always dangers out in the world and many of them show signs before any harm occurs. This was the case when a man stalked and stabbed a female grocery store clerk.

Masked Intruder Stalked Woman Before Stabbing Her

Police arrested a man after he stalked and stabbed a woman from his local store. The man often went to the grocery store where the victim worked. He began to think of her more as a possible conquest than a friendly clerk. He followed her home one day and attacked. The attacker went to the woman’s home and brazenly stabbed her abdomen multiple times while others were present. The police noted that there were no signs of forced entry into the woman’s home and knew the suspect immediately.

Read the entire article from CT Insider here.

What Can We Learn?

This is such a hard story to read. Knowing that a predator can be in your presence at any time is a tough pill to swallow. I mentioned earlier that there were signs before any harm occurred. What were the signs? Unfortunately, we don’t know the full details, however, the police state that the man was actively stalking her. To know this, there would have been at least one instance where a confrontation would have occurred. We need to consistently pay attention to our surroundings and take any possible danger seriously. Don’t worry about people thinking you are crazy if you think someone is out to do you harm. These situations happen all the time and there is no reason to think lightly of possible dangers.

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