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Man raped woman jogging in Houston park

Sketch released of man police say raped woman jogging in Houston park

In Houston a woman was enjoying some light exercise in a public park. She saw a man sitting alone on a park bench but didn’t put much thought into it as she jogged by. After a few moments, she realized he was following her. He physically assaulted her and raped her in broad daylight.

The Full Story: Sketch released of man police say raped woman jogging in Houston park

The man grabbed her and forced her down and raped her. She did her best to get away and out to the main road but she was not successful. The attacker was able to assault her with no interruptions or interference. He is extremely bold and dangerous. According to Michelle Sacks, director of training at Houston Area Women’s Center, said this type of crime is rare.

“Sexual assault is typically perpetuated by someone you know,” Sacks said. “It’s rare it’s out in the public like that.”

Sacks said the biggest safety tip is staying aware, but that responsibility should not be placed on survivors. There are resources for victims, including crisis advocates who will meet victims at any hospital to help them through the process.

Thankfully, the survivor was able to give a very detailed description of the perpetrator so the police are hopeful that the search for him will be short-lived.

Read the full, harrowing story from ABC 13 Eyewitness News

What Can We Learn?

I cannot say this enough, be aware of your surroundings at all times. Do not wear headphones when exercising in public places, look people in the eye, carry your gun or other self-defense tools, and find a workout buddy.

This violent man brutally raped this woman in a public place during the day! Most people would never expect this to happen but it does. If you take precautions and always stay in the yellow level of awareness, you may be able to see red flags early and prevent an assault. Criminals will take advantage of women that have their guard down.

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