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Man Invades Home Through Window

The Story

Knowing that there are dangers in the world is enough to get people to think about what would happen if. However, it is not often enough to get people to take the steps they need to prevent an attack. One woman was going about her day when a man broke into her home through an open window and attacked.

Man Invades Home Through Open Kitchen Window

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“The woman told authorities that she was accosted by the gunman when she left her bathroom. He pushed her to the floor when she attempted to fight with him for the gun, according to a Sheriff’s Office news release. The woman said the suspect took money from her purse, which was on the kitchen table and hit her in the face when she attempted to open her front door for him to leave.

She was able to call 911 when he pushed her into a bathroom and fled, authorities said.

When deputies arrived, the victim noticed that the suspect apparently had rummaged through her bedroom and that the kitchen window was opened.

Patrols were increased in the Central Avenue area and authorities urge residents to be aware of their surroundings and to make sure that all doors and windows are locked.”

What Can We Learn?

Authorities are correct in this instance. You need to keep your doors and windows locked. If you want to let in the cool breeze and enjoy some fresh air, you should be able to do that. However, you need to take other precautions to prevent your home from becoming a target. There are great options for window alarms that will sound when the window is open. You can place these at the center of the window sill and if it opens further, you will be alerted. You can also use some kind of barrier to stop a window from opening. Another option is some kind of bar to prevent someone from breaking in. When your windows and doors are not open, lock them. It is one barrier that is simple but can be enough to stop an invasion.

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