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Man Attacks Woman in Garage

The Story

Sometimes I really love running errands. Going to the store and getting everything you need for the week and putting all your items away can be so satisfying! However, as with anything else, running errands can pose a danger. A woman learned this after coming home and fighting off an attacker in her own garage.

Man Attacks Woman in Home Garage

A woman was running her errands on a Sunday morning as many of us do. She returned home after picking up her groceries and was unloading them into her home before tragedy struck. As she started to pick up her groceries and move them into her home from her garage she then started to close the door. After heading into the home, with the garage door still partially open, the man crept into the opening.

Unfortunately for the victim, the man was still in the garage when she returned for more of her items. The man immediately attacked her and put her into a chokehold until she fell unconscious. The attacker then fled without causing any more harm to the survivor. Neighbors we very concerned about the events that took place and are still waiting in bated breath for the man to be captured.

Originally reported by WSOC-TV

What Can We Learn?

It is important to understand how vulnerable we can be in states of transition. For example, going from your car to your home, your office to your car, etc. Always take necessary precautions when transitioning from one place to another. In this case, one thing I would change is the amount of time the garage door was open. The tragedy potentially could have been avoided if the woman pulled into her garage, closed the garage door, and THEN got out of her car. We are often distracted and in a hurry so doing these things can feel like a hassle. However, doing these small things can make a big difference. Read my article Transition Safety Tips for more information.

One thought on “Man Attacks Woman in Garage

  1. Lois Grimes says:

    I knew of a night shift nurse who carried a weapon into her garage when she drove home at night. Purse in the crook of her left arm with the pistol on top. The attacker grabbed her around the neck and she was able to use her right arm and shoot over her left shoulder. The perpetrator died as a result. Her husband is a police officer who trained her in what ifs?
    I was a mid-shift nurse arriving home from work around midnight. Living alone in a single home, I would drive around my block twice, pull into the driveway and, out of the car and into the house immediately

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