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Man Attacks and Tries to Suffocate Woman with Bag

The Story

Picture this scenario. You are walking home from work or an early dinner through your well-known, safe neighborhood. You notice a man has been walking the same path for the last few minutes. As you get closer and closer to home the man is still there but you make no effort to confront him or lose him. Until he attacks. He assaults you and tries to suffocate you with a plastic bag.

Random Attack: Man Attacks and Tries to Place Bag Over Woman’s Head

The hunt is on for an unidentified man who assaulted a woman in Brampton and attempted to put a bag over her head. Peel Regional Police say the terrifying, random attack – captured on video – occurred just after 6:30 p.m. Thursday on a residential street in the area of Higgins Cr. and Parkside Dr., near McLaughlin Rd. S. and Steeles Ave. W.

“At this time, she was approached from behind by an unknown male suspect,” police said. “The suspect attempted to put a bag over the victim’s head and struck her.”In the video released by investigators, a man can be seen stalking the woman along the sidewalk and following her up the driveway of a home before accosting her and slipping a bag over her head. The woman struggles and manages to break free. But as she tries to run away, the stranger chases after her and again attempts to put the bag over her head. The woman was able to fend off the attacker and he runs off along the sidewalk. The entire horrifying ordeal unfolds in just over 30 seconds. Police said the victim did not suffer “any serious physical injuries.”Original story reported by Toronto Sun

What Can We Learn?

Most times, if someone is behind you as you walk home, they don’t mean you any harm. However, you don’t know anyone’s intent until it is too late. If you take the same precautions anytime you are walking alone you can possibly prevent an attack. This man followed the woman for some time before he had the opportunity to assault her. Had he been able to place the bag over her head and keep it there, she could have died. What can you do in this situation? Be aware of your surroundings. Keep your head up and your ears open. Have your phone out and ready to make a call if needed. Always carry your preferred self-defense tool and be willing to use it. If someone may be following you, stay in well-lit, inhabited places, and if possible, walk into a business where there are other people. Don’t take this lightly, ladies. Most people are not going to harm you but be ready for those times you come across a criminal.

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