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Hatchet-wielding Man Attacks Woman in Shower

The Story

Have you ever watched a scary movie and thought, “This is so unreal. Nothing like this would ever happen.” I’ve done this when watching movies like Halloween, Friday the 13th and Psycho. But what if something similar really did happen in real life? A hatchet-wielding man recreated that famous scene in Psycho and it was much more terrifying than any movie.

Hatchet-wielding Man Swept Back Shower Curtain, Attacked Woman

A woman was taking a shower when the most unexpected scenario took place. She was washing up as a man wielding a hatchet throws open her curtain and attacks. He immediately started slashing at the victim with both a knife and a hatchet. Thankfully, the woman’s husband was there and was able to hold the man back. He tied the attacker’s wrists and held him until police arrived.

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What Can We Learn?

Wow, what a horrifying ordeal! A man attacks a woman in her shower with a hatchet! It is literally a scene from a horror movie. So what can we take from this? We don’t know how the man entered her home but one can assume that simple steps were not taken to prevent an intruder. Two people were home so it is unlikely that the man had to break and enter, it is more likely that a door or window was unlocked. Taking simple precautions makes all the difference. Another takeaway is that it is always good to have someone in your corner. If the woman was alone and not prepared for an invasion she may not have survived the attack. Stay safe out there, in all situations.

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