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Fake Online Delivery Leads to Robbery

The Story

Online shopping has become almost essential to our lives. I don’t know anyone that doesn’t shop on the internet for clothes, beauty products, groceries, or furniture. It is so easy and convenient, why wouldn’t we shop online? Unfortunately, there are predators who will use this to their advantage.

Woman Robbed After Fake Online Shopping Delivery

LOWER MORELAND, Pennsylvania (WPVI) — Police are searching for four suspects who broke into a Montgomery County home, held a gun to a woman’s head, and robbed her.

On Feb. 9, officers responded to a home near Huntingdon Pike and Byberry Road in Lower Moreland Twp. for a reported home invasion robbery.

The 77-year-old told police she heard a knock at the door and looked outside to see three men on the doorstep and a white van parked across the street.

White van seen during Lower Moreland home invasion robbery

The men had a dolly that held three packages depicting “Amazon.”

For many people in neighborhoods like this, package deliveries are an essential part of life.

“It’s an everyday thing for more people. Yeah, it’s scary,” said Jessica Cole from Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania.

When the woman opened her door, police said the men told her they would bring the boxes in for her, and she allowed them inside.

“As they were bringing it in, one of them snuck to her side, put a gun to her temple and said, ‘Don’t move,'” said Detective Holly Halota with the Lower Moreland Twp. Police Department.

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What Can We Learn?

First, no matter who comes to your door, be careful. We do not know if this woman was expecting a delivery but she did not question the delivery at all. Either she was expecting something or she just assumed someone sent her a gift. Her total acceptance that these men were delivery men and allowing them into her home was a mistake. Even when you are expecting a delivery it is best to keep unknown people out of your home. If you need assistance with heavy boxes, ask someone you know to come to assist you to avoid situations like this. It is also important to know when to expect deliveries to your home. If we are unaware of who or what is coming to our home we can become vulnerable to crime.

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