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Delivery Driver Attacks Woman

The Story

Most people in this day and age are well-versed in the art of online shopping. You search for the perfect items and gifts and when the delivery shows up you are so excited! However, when strangers are involved you still need to be careful.

Delivery driver forces way into Turlock home, tries to assault woman

When working for a third-party delivery service a man decided that he was going to attempt to assault a woman. The man was delivering packages in the victim’s neighborhood when he took notice of her. The delivery driver walked into her open front door and commented on the woman’s looks. She called out for her husband and the couple worked together to push the attacker out the door. The attacker jumped over the fence into the backyard and broke into the home again. The woman then ran to her bathroom and locked the door while her husband and his coworker detained the man and waited for the police.

Original story reported on Merced Sun-Star

What Can We Learn?

Always be prepared for the unexpected. This couple was not expecting a delivery and the driver had no packages for them, but they were still confronted with an attack. I have said this before and I will say it again, keep your doors locked even when you are home. Don’t open the door for anyone that you don’t know well and are expecting. Use your peephole and speak through the door. If you have a security screen door, don’t unlock it.  You never know when an assailant will show up at your door.

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