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Attempted Kidnapping Prevented by Woman

The Story

Police are calling a woman a hero after preventing an attempted kidnapping in Burlington, MA. A man grabbed a woman and forced her to go with him in an attempt to kidnap her. She was walking home at the end of the day when he forced himself on her. Thankfully, a woman saw what was happening and did something about it. She immediately stopped her car which scared the attacker. He fled and the woman was able to make it to safety. The police were able to locate the woman and arrest the almost kidnapper soon after.

‘Forever Family’: Woman Attacked in Attempted Kidnapping in Burlington, Rescuer Reunite

“The woman seen on surveillance video being dragged by a suspected would-be kidnapper in Burlington, Massachusetts, this weekend has reunited with the driver whose quick thinking is credited with saving her.

The woman was fighting off her attacker Sunday night about 8:30 p.m. near Middlesex Turnpike and Great Meadow Road when Ariel Naylor drove by and stopped her SUV. Naylor recalled the moment at a news conference Wednesday outside of Woburn District Court, where the accused attacker was in court.

“I just keep thinking about what would have happened if I hadn’t been on that road at that time of night,” Naylor said. “Like, it was perfect timing. I was meant to be there with her.”

The attacker, allegedly 23-year-old Tyler Healey, fled on foot after appearing to have been startled when Naylor parking her SUV nearby — she called 911 and authorities have called her a good Samaritan, though Naylor said Wednesday she didn’t think of herself as a hero and credited police and the victim herself: “She fought to the middle of the road so that I could get there in time.”

The woman, who is 37, was able to get away from the kidnapper, and police located her shortly after the 911 call. She is “extremely grateful” at how the incident turned out, her sister-in-law, Jessica Santiago, said Wednesday.”

Read the full story from NBC 10 Boston.

What Can We Learn?

If you’re able to help someone in need it could mean the difference between an attempted attack and an attack. You could prevent a kidnapping and potentially save a life. All this woman did was stop her car because she saw something that she knew was not right. This woman is a hero. You don’t have to put yourself in danger to help others. Even if the man didn’t flee the woman could have called the police and still would have made a difference. I am so thankful for this woman and all strong women who are willing to do something to help others.

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